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Heritage Perennials

Heritage PerennialsHeritage Perennials® are grown in distinctive blue pots by Valleybrook Gardens, a family-owned nursery farm.  We are one of North America’s largest wholesale producers of herbaceous perennials.  We grow millions of plants each season at our two facilities: Abbotsford, British Columbia (near Vancouver) and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (near Niagara Falls). Heritage Perennials® are only sold through independent, top-quality garden centers throughout Canada and in many US states, from New England to the Pacific Northwest.  When you buy our perennials in their blue pots, you know you are purchasing the best quality plants from the perennial experts. Remember, the Best Perennials Come out of the Blue!


Jeepers Creepers®

Jeepers CreepersJeepers Creepers® are durable perennial plants.  Their low spreading habit makes them ideal for use as a groundcover, lawn substitute, pathway or edging plant. Some types will even tolerate foot traffic! Groundcovers: With colorful flowers or leaves, these plants offer unique design possibilities.  Plants will quickly fill in awkward corners.  Certain types offer an easy solution for shady sites or baking hot sun.  By covering the ground in a dense mat, mulching requirements are reduced. Eco-friendly lawn substitute: Replace thirsty lawns with an attractive and drought-tolerant living carpet!  A less demanding lawn alternative allows you to reduce your water, fertilizer, pesticide and mowing requirements.  Jeepers Creepers® are a particularly good solution for steep slopes. Pathway and patio plants: Add an attractive finishing touch to highlight your creative stone or woodwork.  Fragrant-leaved selections will release a pleasant scent when walked on. Many other uses: Cascading types of Jeepers Creepers® are excellent in containers where they can spill over the edges or fill in between other plants.  More vigorous types are great for planting with bulbs to help cover up holes left by dying foliage.  These low plants are the ideal size for the front edge of a flower border. Learn more by visiting our website at www.jeepercreepers.info/index.html


Rock Stars®

Rock StarsRock Stars® are specially selected plants that all share one thing in common: they’re little, they’re tough and they’re cute!  While many of these are traditional rock garden or alpine plants, we’ve made the job easy for you by trimming out the kinds of alpines that are fussy-to-grow and temperamental. By carefully assessing and eliminating the tricky types we’re able to offer you a wide selection of solid performers that are the true stars of the rock garden!  You don’t even need rocks to grow Rock Stars® either, as you’ll see. What’s with the Easter Island dude? His name is Cliff.  Cliff is cool.  He knows he doesn’t need to worry about his garden, because he’s chosen Rock Stars® to grow in the cracks and crevices between all the boulders in his island back yard.  He tried growing petunias and marigolds, but they didn’t seem to do anything.  There were too many rocks to even think about growing a lawn.  Cliff looked long and hard, and tried a whole lot of different plants before he discovered that Rock Stars® were the perfect answer, and they didn’t require a whole lot of attention and fussing.  Now Cliff has the best-dressed rocks in the whole neighbourhood, and he doesn’t even miss having petunias. Not much is known about the mysterious Easter Island inhabitants, but archaeological evidence suggests they actually did make extensive use of rocks in their food production gardens.  We chose Cliff to represent Rock Stars® because of this fact but also because Cliff is cool! Learn more about Rock Stars® at www.rockstarplants.com


Happy Ever Appster® Daylilies

Happy Ever Appster DayliliesThe World’s First Line of Everblooming Daylilies Valleybrook Gardens is pleased to offer Happy Ever Appster® and Trophy Taker® Daylilies.  These represent the best of the best, chosen from among more than 35,000 known varieties.  After years of being available only in the United States, these superior selections are now available here in Canada.  Look for them at your local Heritage Perennials® Retailer. How do you live Happy Ever Appster®? Take the ever-popular ‘Happy Returns’ Daylily, hybridize to get new colours and you get a Happy Ever Appster®.  So, where did the name for this brand line come from?

  • Happy – all varieties are proud children of ‘Happy Returns’
  • Ever – these everblooming Daylilies flower from summer to frost.
  • Appster – this line is hybridized by world-renowned daylily breeder, Dr. Darrel Apps, who has isolated the recessive everblooming gene.

Beyond Stella… Through many years of selective breeding, Dr. Apps has created an amazing new group of hybrids, extending the colour range well beyond the deep-gold shade of ‘Stella de Oro’.  Happy Ever Appsters® exhibit at least three blooming cycles per year, leading to the longest bloom times available.  Under test conditions they have carried flowers for up to 125 days in a single year. Actual garden performance varies by climate, but 75 days of bloom should be possible even in cool summer regions. Happy Ever Appster® Daylilies now come in shades of apricot, yellow, pink, rose and red, some with stunning contrasting eyezones.  Dr. Apps’ breeding efforts are producing tremendous breakthroughs.  Stock is being increased as quickly as possible, and you can stay tuned here to learn about the most recent ones! Click here to browse our selection of Happy Ever Appster® Daylilies.


Trophytaker DaylilyTrophytaker® Daylilies

The Pacesetter for Performance Valleybrook Gardens is pleased to offer Trophytaker® and Happy Ever Appster® Daylilies.  These represent the best of the best, chosen from among more than 35,000 known varieties.  Until recently these superior selections were available only in the Mid Atlantic States.  Now gardeners in the Northeastern US, Great Lakes Region, Pacific Northwest, and many parts of Canada can also enjoy growing these outstanding beauties.  Look for them at your local Heritage Perennials® Retailer. What makes one Daylily better than another? High standards!  These have been rigorously tested by Dr. Darrell Apps of Ridgeton, New Jersey, one of the world’s leading hybridizers of Daylilies.  A Trophytaker® must meet or exceed set standards in six important categories:

  1. Beauty: A Trophytaker® must reflect the beauty of modern daylilies.  Most older varieties have less attractive flowers, often lacking the vigour and substance of today’s new hybrids.
  2. Hardiness: Many Daylilies have been selected for flower form, rather than hardiness.  Trophytaker® Daylilies must be hardy to at least USDA Zone 5.  Many should even prove to be hardy into Zones 3 or 4.
  3. Fast Clumping: Gardeners want a nice clump quickly.  A Trophytaker® will triple its fans the first year.
  4. Bloom Period: The average Daylily blooms for approximately 21 days.  Trophytakers® must at least double the average, blooming a minimum of 42 days at the research site.
  5. Superior Foliage: Many Daylilies surrender to the elements by mid-summer.  A Trophytaker® must maintain attractive foliage until late in the season.
  6. Pest Resistance: Trophytakers® must be as insect and disease resistant as possible.

Trophytakers® are propagated vegetatively by division only, not tissue-cultured, so they’re always true to form. That’s what makes one Daylily better than another… Trophytaker®. Enjoy distinction, value and great garden performance.  Treat yourself to Trophytaker® Daylilies. Click here to browse our selection of Trophytaker® Daylilies.


Dealer Inquiries

If you are a retail garden center and would like to inquire about carrying our products, contact John Schroeder at [email protected].  You can also visit our corporate website (www.valleybrook.com) for more information.