Mighty ‘Mato Grafted Tomatoes

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Like superheroes, Mighty ‘Mato grafted tomatoes are stronger, faster, more able to fend off foes than regular tomato plants – and their harvests are bigger!

Mighty ‘Mato goes above and beyond the call of duty, defending against pests, diseases, temperature extremes, and poor soils while producing long, abundant harvests of tasty fruit!

Grafting joins the top part of one plant (the scion) to the root system of a separate plant (the rootstock).  As their tissues heal, they fuse into one super plant that combines the rootstock’s vigor and disease resistance with the scion’s exceptional fruit quality.  Non-GMO.  The graft must stay above soil level, and prune lateral suckers for best fruiting.

The Mighty ’Mato line-up includes twelve heirloom and four hybrid varieties that will be joined by grafted peppers and eggplant, all to bring big, wholesome harvests to your garden.

Available through Heritage Perennials at Garden Centres across Canada in 2012.

Amish Paste (heirloom)  Heirloom paste tomato produces tons of meaty 6-8 oz. red fruits – one of the best for sauces & canning.

  • Beefsteak (heirloom) – Bright-red, slightly ribbed 4-5” heirloom have delicious, sweet flavor.  Great taste & meaty flesh make it it ideal for cooking, slicing, salads or canning.
  • Black Cherry (heirloom) – Long trusses of beautiful purple-brown heirloom cherry tomatoes.  Sweet, juicy, & full-flavored – ideal for salads, snacking.
  • Black Krim (heirloom) – Violet-red, slightly flattened 4-5″ fruits with near-black shoulders have intense, smoky flavor.  Russian heirloom.
  • Brandywine (heirloom) – Scarlet 1 lb. fruits with high acid & high sugar.  An heirloom that’s widely considered one of the world’s best-tasting tomatoes.
  • Cherokee Purple (heirloom) – Dusky rose, 8-12 oz. round fruits with complex, old-time flavor.  Pre-1890 heirloom.  Perfect for slicing, sandwiches.
  • Early Girl – Bright red, 4-6 oz. round slicers.  Early, dependable, and flavorful fruits in almost any climate!  Top seller.
  • Green Zebra (heirloom) – An heirloom whose glowing green & gold streaked 2” fruits have a bright citrusy flavor balanced with sweetness.
  • Mortgage Lifter (heirloom) – Dark pink, 1-2 lb. fruits are meaty with good old-time flavor.  Heirloom known for its productivity.
  • Pineapple (heirloom) – Huge golden beefsteaks marbled in cherry-red have mild fruity flavor.  An heirloom with good yields of 1-2 lb. fruits.
  • San Marzano (heirloom) – Famous Italian heirloom yields bright red, tapered 3” fruits.  Meaty & flavorful – ideal for canning or sauce.
  • Stupice (heirloom) – Extra early, cold-tolerant heirloom produces 2” red fruits with good, sweet flavor.  Good for late-season fruit production.
  • Sun Sugar – Delivers abundant candy-sweet orange cherry tomatoes with high levels of sugar & vitamin A.  A favorite for flavor and snacking.
  • Sweet Million – Great tasting, sweet, bright red cherry tomatoes produced in large clusters over a long harvest season.  Crack and disease resistant.
  • Yellow Pear (heirloom) – Small, 1-2” pear-shaped golden heirloom fruits have excellent flavor with low acid & few seeds.