Pests and Diseases

For the More Advanced Gardener

en·to·mol·o·gythe scientific study of insects

Some call them pests, and in some cases for good reason. But in the grand scheme of things they’re a vital part of the delicate balance of nature. And here’s our select list of sites that will help you learn a little more about those ominous but valuable pests. We call it the Bug Report.

  • Bug Bios
    If you only have time to visit one of the sites referenced on this page, then this is the one. After researching and assembling the list below, we found It includes some of the links on this page and much, much more.
    A cooperative effort of University of California-Davis, Oregon State University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, and the University of Idaho.
    Pesticide Information Profiles (PIPs)
  • rec.gardens.ecosystems
    rec.gardens.ecosystems is a Usenet newsgroup intended for the discussion of gardening topics from an ecological perspective.