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This month the writer discusses the quandary faced by gardeners in spring as they go about assessing the condition of the garden now that the memory of winter is fading.

Here’s a prelude to what he had to say:

I spent the better part of this morning on my knees.

May brings with it a renewal of the garden. Things you planted last year have somehow gotten larger. Several different plants have merged into one big lump. That cute little shrub has absorbed another nearby specimen. A prized tree has spread to throw shade onto a prized sun-loving perennial.
What’s a gardener to do?  

It seems many gardeners – particularly new gardeners – approach pruning and general tidying with trepidation. I suppose it’s the fear that pruning a limb or pulling out unwanted sections of plants will harm the plant. It does not.
As I went about my gardening tasks this morning I came across a Campanula that had captured a nearby Veronica. I enjoy both plants where they are so the Campanula had to be managed

I’m guessing you are wondering what he did with that stray Campanula so read on and enjoy all the delightful perennial images in this latest edition of Out of the Blue brought to you by Heritage perennials. Simply click here