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Phlox paniculata Super Ka-Pow™ Lavender
Phlox paniculata Super Ka-Pow™ Lavender
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Phlox paniculata Super Ka-Pow™ Lavender

Summer Phlox

USDA Zone: 4-9

Plant number: 1.416.160

(=‘Balsukalav’) The large Hydrangea-like flower clusters of Summer Phlox create a spectacular show in the summer border. Sweetly fragrant as well, the flowers waft their scent over quite a distance. This selection, from the Super Ka-Pow™ series, features flower clusters in vibrant lavender. The series was bred to provide super-sized blooms, super-sized habit and better branching, vibrant colours, improved winter hardiness and powdery mildew resistance. All varieties of Summer Phlox are superb for cutting, and may even attract passing butterflies and hummingbirds. Remove faded flowers to encourage repeat blooming. Regular deep watering will do a lot to help prevent powdery mildew. USPP#33022: unlicensed propagation prohibited.

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Phlox paniculata Super Ka-Pow™ Lavender

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