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Miscanthus floridulus ‘Giganteus’
Miscanthus floridulus ‘Giganteus’
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Miscanthus floridulus ‘Giganteus’

Giant Silver Grass

USDA Zone: 4-9

Plant number: 8.270.280

(Often listed incorrectly as Miscanthus floridulus) This is a grass of monstrous proportions, forming very tall clumps of green leaves, their tips arching gracefully in layers. Useful as a living screen or hedge, bearing soft-pink plumes in the fall. The corn-like stalks turn creamy tan in winter. Clumps are large, but well behaved and not invasive. Lower leaves have a tendency to wither in late summer, so planting something tall in front is recommended. Plants enjoy moisture, and are even happy growing beside water, however they also tolerate moderate drought conditions. Trim back to the ground in early spring -– power hedge trimmers do a quick job. Excellent for cutting. As an interesting side note, this plant is becoming widely planted as a source of biomass or biofuel.

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Miscanthus floridulus ‘Giganteus’

Optimal Growing
Appearance and
Sun Exposure
  Full Sun or
  Partial Shade
Soil Type
  Normal or
  Sandy or
Soil pH
  Neutral or
  Alkaline or
Soil Moisture
  Average or
Care Level
Flower Colour
  Deep Pink
Blooming Time
  Early Fall
  Mid Fall
Foliage Color
  Deep Green
Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Cut Flower
  Deer Resistant
  Dried Flower
  Rabbit Resistant
   250-300 cm
   98-117 inches
   90-120 cm
   35-47 inches
Foot Traffic
Growth Rate