Perennials for Rock Gardens

Rock Gardens are a popular gardening style.  There are no set rules but we’re offering some guidelines here, extracted from our sister site:  We hope you find this information helpful when selecting your plant material … Shapes and Sizes True alpine plants are native to high altitude, mountainous regions of the world, and they […]

Perennial Gardening in Containers

1.  Container Garden Considerations From patios and balconies to decks and porches, container gardens can add colour and interest to any area around your home… and you don’t even need a garden.  There is a lot to consider in planting and maintaining container gardens, but these tips should provide enough information to make your first […]

Perennial Gardening with Limited Water

  1. Water is not an endless resource In various regions of North America the supply of clean fresh water for human consumption is becoming a less available resource.  Many urban areas have had to place bans or tight restrictions on residential use of treated water for lawns and gardens.  Even gardeners in rural areas […]

North American Rock Garden Society

The North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) is for gardening enthusiasts interested in growing true alpine and rock garden plants. Membership in the society brings you one of the best seed exchange lists in the world! For more information, Click here to visit their site …

Vertical Gardening and Green Roofs

  Green walls and roofs are becoming more popular especially in Europe and some of North America’s bigger cities.  Not only do they beautify buildings and offer visual impact, but plants also provide the air with ‘scrubbers’ and are key to reducing pollution and rainwater run-off, insulating buildings and providing habitat for wildlife.  Vertical gardening […]