How to Attract Butterflies & Hummingbirds (includes Bonus Table)


See Bonus Table below 1. Gardens & Nature In addition to being beautiful, gardens can be a place where humans and nature meet and interact in a positive and beneficial way. Imagine watching colorful butterflies flitting around the border, moving from flower to flower in search of the tasty nectar within. Or sitting perfectly still […]

Nature Play Spaces


One of our customers in Abbotsford, B.C. recently spearheaded a project to bring nature to local schools.  Valleybrook Gardens was delighted to participate in a small way by donating Heritage Perennials and Jeepers Creepers to this project. Here’s what Kayla Feenstra had to say: “Massive thanks to all of you for your support and partnership in […]

What goes on in the garden when you aren’t watching …


The Beauty of Pollination – another remarkable video that we think is very cool.  Enjoy!

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden Design by Kelly Schroeder.

There is something special about watching a butterfly flit from flower to flower and by selecting the right plants and providing a couple of key things, you can attract these gossamer guests into your garden. Find a bright, sheltered corner to tuck this garden into and provide a small water feature such as a bird […]

Raymond Evison Clematis

Raymond Evison Clematis - Anna Louise

Our British Columbia nursery is a licensed grower of Raymond Evison Clematis from the Island of Guernsey and customers of our Ontario nursery will be able to purchase more varieties in 2014 too so look for them at your favourite garden centre. Raymond Evison has 50 years of experience in developing the best flowering Clematis […]

Wildlife Design


A balanced ecology adds interest and helps with general pest and disease maintenance. A focus on wildlife gardening doesn’t have to be messy or difficult. The simple addition of nectar-rich flowers or berry-producing shrubs alone can provide a natural habitat which is often otherwise lost in the wild.