Poisonous Plants


Pretty but Poisonous - Iris 'Raspberry Blush'

The plants listed on the following pages are poisonous to some degree.  We've created this special index as a public service to perennial gardeners. Most home gardens contain at least some toxic or poisonous plants.  Some of the most popular ornamentals are toxic, including shrubs like Rhododendrons and Hydrangeas, trees like Horse-chestnut and Holly, house plants such as Dieffenbachia and Croton, and other perennials and annuals as well. Removing every poisonous plant from your garden is not usually necessary.  The fact is, many plants are poisonous to some extent and coexist with people and pets in gardens everywhere. Click here to browse a list of poisonous plants in our database. For more information, please refer to the Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System.