The garden in winter

By mid-November many of us put away the lawnmower and grudgingly bring the snow shovels out of storage.  But hard core gardeners know some of the best stuff happens in winter.  Here are just three ideas to keep your garden interesting even through the coldest months. 1.  Use Evergreen Foliage We all know about Spruce, […]

Groundcover with the Wet Look!

Surely regular old Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra terminalis) is North America’s #1 most popular groundcover.  Its thick, dense appearance and evergreen habit still make it one of the best choices for many applications.  ‘Green Sheen’ is a terrific new variation on the old standby, every bit as vigorous, yet offering a slightly different effect in the […]

Vertical Gardening and Green Roofs

  Green walls and roofs are becoming more popular especially in Europe and some of North America’s bigger cities.  Not only do they beautify buildings and offer visual impact, but plants also provide the air with ‘scrubbers’ and are key to reducing pollution and rainwater run-off, insulating buildings and providing habitat for wildlife.  Vertical gardening […]

Wildlife Design

A balanced ecology adds interest and helps with general pest and disease maintenance. A focus on wildlife gardening doesn’t have to be messy or difficult. The simple addition of nectar-rich flowers or berry-producing shrubs alone can provide a natural habitat which is often otherwise lost in the wild.  

Creating Winter Garden Interest

Even though many perennials do well when cut back in fall, remember that some perennials are actually quite attractive throughout the winter months. Why not leave them if you’re not sure and make notes this year of which ones could use a good trimming (cut back to 6 to 8 inches) next fall and which […]

The Northern Garden

Tips on Gardening in Northern British Columbia Visit: Editor Diana Roberts comes up with a new issue of her site every Monday, with detailed ideas on how to succeed with gardening in far northern regions. She has a huge archive of past articles, many of them about perennial gardening. More information is available on […]