Silver or Grey Foliage Gives that Finishing Touch

Silver is one of the classic neutral colours in the garden, a tone that combines well with virtually anything else.  Like a good piece of jewellery, it can help to elevate a garden scene from just “nice” to “stunning”! Both grey and silver also help to create interest when nearby flowering plants may have already […]

Hate Yellow? Soft Yellows are Worth a Second Look …

  Nothing can make rich lavender, mauve and pastel-pink colour schemes come to life like a touch of soft lemon yellow.  This should come as no surprise, considering yellow is opposite from purple on the artist’s colour wheel, their relationship defined as contrasting colours. Reconsider banishing yellow, if those pastels schemes are what you are […]

Need a Flash of Dark Purple Foliage in a Shady Nook?

Purple and burgundy-leaved perennials are a welcome colour contrast in many parts of the garden, but until recently there have been few available for shadier places.  Purple leaves are ideal for contrasting with any of the bright gold-leaved Hostas such as ‘Piedmont Gold’ or ‘August Moon’.  This combination adds an element of colour interest that […]