The garden in winter

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By mid-November many of us put away the lawnmower and grudgingly bring the snow shovels out of storage.  But hard core gardeners know some of the best stuff happens in winter.  Here are just three ideas to keep your garden interesting even through the coldest months. 1.  Use Evergreen Foliage We all know about Spruce, […]

Summer Perennial Border

The Summer Border Design was created by Kelly Schroeder.

Enjoy a riot of colour from early summer through early autumn with this easy summer border.  The plants enjoy a bright location but prefer not to be in the blazing afternoon sun.  A good loam soil and regular watering is required to keep the Cimicifuga and Astilbe at their best.  Otherwise, if these are allowed […]

Japanese-Style Zen Garden

Japanese-Style Zen Garden Design by Kelly Schroeder.

We could all use a little zen in our lives.  If you have even a small piece of ground you can create a peaceful oasis in your own yard.  Simplicity is key and unlike traditional perennial borders with masses of bold colour, the Zen garden keeps colour and quantity to a minimum, focusing on form […]

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden Design by Kelly Schroeder.

There is something special about watching a butterfly flit from flower to flower and by selecting the right plants and providing a couple of key things, you can attract these gossamer guests into your garden. Find a bright, sheltered corner to tuck this garden into and provide a small water feature such as a bird […]

The Garden Room Retreat

The Garden Room Retreat Design by Kelly Schroeder.

There has been a lot of talk about garden rooms over the past number of years.  Simply put, it is a space that defines special areas of the landscape for specific uses.   One of the most important elements in a garden room is creating a sense of enclosure.  The plants selected to enclose the area […]

Front Walk Garden Border

The Front Walk Garden Border by Kelly Schroeder.

With the way our subdivisions are set up, many home owners struggle with a narrow strip of ‘no man’s land’ between neighbouring properties.  Instead of simply turfing the area, make a statement with a colourful perennial border.   If the space available on your own property is less than 2’ wide, have a chat with your […]

Sunny Corner Bed

The Sunny Corner Bed Design by Kelly Schroeder.

This garden bed is designed to be tucked up against the corner of a fence or into a bright nook against the house.  Varieties are selected for optimum bloom time interspersed with bold foliage, texture and colour.  This garden will be a colourful delight all season long, from late spring until autumn. The Heucherella will […]

Friendly Neighbour Perennial Border

Friendly Neighbour Perennial Border Design by Kelly Schroeder.

  This week’s addition to our Garden Design Vignettes segment promotes team work.  For neighbours who enjoy gardening but would like to share not only the work but the cost, this is a garden idea for you!   Break the monotonous repetition of suburban front lawns by teaming up with your neighbour to produce an amazing […]

Shady Island Bed

Shady Garden Design by Kelly Schroeder.

  Presenting the first in a series of garden designs … We are very pleased to present a garden a week over the next few weeks which we hope will help gardeners discover design solutions for various of their garden types and situations.  Enjoy!   A tree plunked in the lawn is a pain to […]

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1.  An overwhelming choice Modern gardeners are very fortunate to live in a time when the passion for perennial plants has reached a frenzy like never before.  The selection is now overwhelming, to say the least.  This is good in one sense, bringing diversity and greater possibilities into our lives, but it also makes the […]